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Applying for a 2nd mortgage? Beware of this pitfall!

Many 2nd mortgage lenders often tempt their clients with enticing low rates. When you walk into their office, you are subject to a credit check – “just to be safe!”. If they deem your credit score isn’t up to their standard, the mortgage companies will revoke their “low interest rate” offer. Sounds reasonable – right? […]

Qualifying For 2nd Mortgage Loans: What your lenders will look for

Before you reach out to 2nd mortgage lenders, to talk about that secondary loan against your home, it’s nice to know what sort of criteria they use in order to qualify or disqualify potential borrowers. Knowing the metrics they will apply to your application for a 2nd mortgage means you can prepare yourself for the […]

Brampton Mortgage Brokers Rick Joshi and Team Need to Refinance

Brampton Mortgage Agent And Professional Services Rick Joshi is a seasoned and reputable mortgage agent in Ontario. With years of extensive industry experience, he has helped numerous families secure the best mortgage rates for homes. Based in Brampton, Joshi is proud to service the community with home appraisals and affordable housing assistance programs. As a […]

Mortgage Genie Is Offering All The Help You Require With 2Nd Mortgages

Unexpected expenses can be incredibly challenging for homeowners. There are also times when people may need a bit of extra cash to spruce up their homes. The good news is that refinancing can be simple when you work with companies like Mortgage Genie. These professionals can give you helpful information and guidance concerning 2nd mortgages […]

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