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Why Do Private Mortgage Lenders Value Credit Scores?

Not every mortgage broker in Toronto knows every one of their clients or prospective borrowers personally to vouch for their financial stability. Even if they did, Ontario’s mortgage approval rules mandate that certain checks be conducted prior to approval of a mortgage. And just as you, as a potential borrower, will consider the benefits of […]

The best mortgage brokers in Toronto: How to find them

A lot has been written about finding a good financial advisor. But when it comes to getting help with finding, negotiating and finalizing a second mortgage in Canada, there’s not much said about finding the right broker to assist you. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the key points that […]

Qualifying for the lowest mortgage rates: Your credit score is the key!

Whether you work with the BIG banks, or you partner with private mortgage lenders to get your first or 2nd mortgage loans, you’ll always need to make sure your credit score is just right in order to qualify for the best rates. Managing your credit score Potential lenders, be it a major financial institution or […]

Home Loan Mortgage Refinance: Is it right for you?

Home Loan Mortgage Refinance: Is it right for you? You have a few months before your existing mortgage term expires. The big question now is: Is it refinance home mortgage planning time?; or should you simply contact your lender and ask them to extend the loan on whatever terms they are offering? Home loan mortgage […]

Dealing With Mortgage Brokers In The Process Of Purchasing Property

Everyone dreams of having their home, no questions asked. Nevertheless, acquiring a new home is quite a task with the high prices of land in the current marketplace. Nonetheless, it is very possible for you to get your dream house and pay for it over some period with a comfortable mortgage deal. So that you […]

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